With every outfit we choose, each of us chooses between going natural and shaving. While this is a personal decision, in case you choose the latter, we are here to offer you a few tips and suggestions. Bikini trimmers and shavers can cause more harm than good if they are bought without any prior knowledge.

To know what works best on your skin, take a look below:


Schick Hydro Silk Women’s TrimStyle Razor

The best multipurpose razor is right here! Schick’s hydro razor has 5 curve sensing blades that move according to the skin. It gets as close to the skin as possible without leaving any marks or cuts. It is available in most of the supermarkets such as Target etc.


Gillette Venus Bikini Precision Women’s Trimmer

This one is sleek and easy to travel with. Additionally, since the Venus trimmer is lightweight you decide to go in for any shape you want. It also comes with two extra combs, so that you can choose the length as per your wish.


Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator

This Epilator is the only hair removal device you need for your entire body. Although it costs a fortune, the machine comes with 10 adjustments and caters to every single need of yours! Whether you are looking to do your upper lips, or clean shave your bikini line, or give yourself a nice massage, this is the epilator for you!


Noxema Disposable Trimmers


If you are traveling and do not want to carry the extra weight for your trimmers, here is what you can do! The disposable trimmers are light and painless and effortless to use. You just need to carry one along for your long trip and you are good to go!


Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women’s Razor

Customers who have used the razor so far have given only positive reviews about the Gillette Venus razor. It is smooth, moves according to the skin and does not create irritation on using. The shaves are long-lasting too.