You feel unenthused when you search for the clothes racks on your favorite store. You don’t have the dress you want anywhere. However, that’s not so bad – you’re just going to have to plan it yourself!

With proper training in fashion design and development, this kind of undertaking wouldn’t be so intense. But you want to try creating a look all on your own for this first time.

Moving, forward, start with these six pointers for designing your own outfit. It may be tough, but it’s worth it when everything’s said a done. Ready to get started?

Lets make your vision come true.


To fashion an elegant dress, you don’t have to be a pro artist. Before you start making your own style, though, you can put pen to paper.

Start with a decent drawing or model shape to draw your imaginary clothes on. Find a form of yours so that you can match your appearance to your figure. Many fashion designers still use the same drawing, so carry it going. Follow it each time you want to concretize an idea.

Don’t think about sketching and redesigning until your outfit is well reflected.


When you have a drawing, you should not start slice and decorate your materials. Instead, to use a pattern to trace, cut and stitch to make your choice of garment.

It’s not impossible to learn pattern, but you probably have to start with simple clothes first. Your nearby art shop can also be hit. There could be a trend matching what you want to make. You’ll find it. You don’t design your own outfit from a shop purchased pattern. It allows you to make the vision complete.


Now it’s time to think about fabric to create your outfit. Most experts suggest starting with a 100 percent cotton fabric when it comes to the first sewing. It’s known for being easy to deal with and forgive for errors. Try to resist more responsive materials like satin and kits on the other hand.

Perhaps in a specific hue, you pictured your DIY dress. Consider the message expressed by specific colors if you require inspiration from that branch. In a suit, for example, black makes a compelling point for politicians. In the meantime, blue navy carries confidence. Some claim that it’s the perfect color for an interview because of this.


You now have to make your outfit with the fabric and sketches. All of it has to be sewed together.If you don’t even have one, the safest bet is to invest in a sewing machine. Stitching with a needle and a thread can be easy. However, you certainly won’t waste hours nibbling your imaginary look.

It is not just a matter of sending fabric under the needle of the sewing machine. Stitching techniques such as dart would need to be studied. The dart absorbs cloth without noticeable stitching as correctly performed.

In addition, you would want to develop your skills in pinning and patterning. The sewing will simplify all these little details. Your finished product is also brushed.