It is a new decade and the spring and summer trends in fashion seems to have a little more momentum this year. While we might be here in the winter months, we look forward to the next seasons in the 2021 spring and summer fashion trends. We’re ready to engage in some of these 2020 trends and already seeing lighter colors, more established silhouettes and playful fabrics on the road.


Puffed sleeves emerged in 2019 and in spring and summer fashion, we are going to see them continuing well in 2020. But in this year, we’ll see a bubble around your shoulder and then pieces of a bubble that follows your arm length. In fact, this year, your perfect puff sleeve can be found.


In previous years, we were no stranger to neon, but developments in mode have expanded neon colors in 2020. Think of shades more prominent, from strength to bright pink, orange, blue, green , and yellow robes and skirts. Versace ‘s latest women’s line contains many luminous accessories from jump suit to suit. Among the highest designers. That’s one of those patterns for which it’s worth anything if you want to try. Wear this with your chic favorite hairstyle and rock the neon colors with your shoe.


With the 2020 bra top theme, crop tops have also been limited. The bra head really stands out in crochet patterns for other bikini dressings with the high-tailed choices. On the Dior, Fendi and Loewe runways in 2020, Bra tops were used.


It is the year for the wrapped leg, both as regards the sandal braces around the jeans and more wrapped leg tops. On the runways JW Anderson and Toga we saw them. We have also seen shoes like those of Bottega Veneta with chain anklets.


For a number of years, leather has been a main tool but designers have experimented with colored and metal leathers for 2020. In spring and summer, what was once a typical fall and winter textile found its way into playful shades, shiny colors and a few other cuts. Metallics were all over SS20 and we saw how you really can play with a metallic leather piece to a classic or silent look.


Sheer layers are a nice way to add your looks to their dimension and form. At House of Holland and Richard Malone, we saw plain layers of plain tops over jackets and even a full look. Try a pure top to cover a bra top or crop that makes you feel secure, relaxed and trendy for a part of the pure layer trend.