It has always been intriguing that what could be the most luxurious toilets ever made. Let us discuss below the most costliest toilets all over the globe. Some of these toilets boast ultra – modern facilities and others proudly have great look. But on top this; all toilets are have similar ridiculous cost structure. So, lets take a journey through the most expensive toilets ever made!


Have you ever imagined toiled being built by gold? Yes, you heard it right! It is gold pure at it.

The gold technology group owned by Hang Fung group houses the most luxurious toilet ever built globally. The hear say is that the toilet cost about $5million and this varies in proportionate with gold prices. This commode is installed in a bathroom which is again constructed using gold.


Lixil Swarovski crystal studded toilet is no 2 in the line of most expensive toilets the jewelers took in excess of a month to make this toilet using crystals and working by hand. Lixil further enhanced this toilet with amazing ultra – modern design and dazzling shine which steals your heart even if you are a intricate customer.


When we are discussing about toilets we cannot just overlook “porcelain throne” though it is carved out of wood. The Dagobert wooden toilet throne is French made. The commode and backrest are decorated with fine floral French country designs and workmanship as regards wooden backrest is superlative.


Neorest is the finest and most adorable toilet ever built by TOTO. It boasts high efficiency water utilization and on the other hand cuts down the effort required to clean it. Electrolyzed water vaporizes the toilet, while doing away with the conventional cleaning methods.  In addition to this an ultra violet rays cleaning method mitigates bacteria within the commode after it has been closed. The ultimate product is very amazing toilet i.e., much more tidier than the commonly found toilets.


If you intend to select the best one you will definitely Kohler’s Numi!

The Numi made by Kholer is one of the most luxurious toilets ever built on earth. The price tag of $6,000 looks very expensive. However, this price tag doesn’t matter much if you consider its features. These include: a motion activated lid and seat, foot warmer, heated seat, customized programmable color options.